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Mental Health Resources for Military Families

War changes people. How could it not?

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Returning home doesn't always mean returning to a normal life for military service members who have spent months - or longer - under the stress of living and working in a combat zone.

Knowing what to expect and what to look for can help family members ease the transition back to life at home for veterans - and themselves.

Prevention and early intervention are keys to achieving and maintaining good mental health.

You are not alone! There is help available:

Many people, including other veterans, are going through similar challenges as you are:


Depression, increasing alcohol or drug use, dramatic mood changes and talk of death can be warning signs of a suicide attempt. It is important family members trust their instincts regarding a veteran in trouble.

Ask direct questions such as "Are you thinking about hurting yourself?" and determine if the person as a specific plan to carry out the suicide. Don't be judgmental. Don't swear to secrecy. Do not leave the person alone while you seek professional help.

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