Division of Behavioral Health Services Training

Positive Behavioral Support/Functional Behavior Assessment

The core competencies of Positive Behavioral Support/Functional Behavior Assessment (PBS/FBA) are trained through 4 instructional modules. The four modules will build on work already done across the system to develop PBS and FBA. These areas include:

  • An overview of PBS and FBA and how these applications can be used to understand the basis of behavior and to develop individualized interventions for persons with challenging behaviors.
  • A detailed description of how PBS and FBA function together to obtain better outcomes for the child and family.
  • In-depth training for clinicians on the development of a functional behavioral assessment using positive behavior support strategies.
  • In-depth training for direct support staff in implementation of behavior support plans using positive behavioral support strategies.

The target audience for this training includes case managers, direct support workers, clinicians, supervisors, and family members.

Please complete all the modules in chronological order, along with the post-tests, to receive your training certificate.