Division of Behavioral Health Services

Policy Office

Policy Office Mission

The mission of the Policy Office is to provide professional, consistent, accurate, timely information and technical assistance to internal and external customers regarding all documents pertaining to the delivery of quality services in Arizona's public behavioral health system.

Office Accomplishments

In July of 2002, the Policy Office was created, and since then has been focused on ensuring that all Division Documents are developed and/or maintained in an accurate and consistent manner ensuring the delivery of quality behavioral health services. The Policy Office accomplishes this task by close collaboration with internal DBHS Offices and Bureaus as well as complying with Arizona Statute and settlement agreements, such as the JK Settlement and Arnold vs. Sarn.

The Division Documents mentioned above include:

The Policy Office is committed to developing a set of concise and understandable Department and T/RBHA documents that:

  • Eliminate redundancies;
  • Direct requirements to the appropriate audiences;
  • Support the efficient management of the public behavioral health system; and
  • Help ensure the delivery of quality behavioral health services.