Division of Behavioral Health Services

Office of Individual and Family Affairs

The Office of Individual and Family Affairs focuses on building partnerships with individuals, families, youth, communities, organizations and key stakeholders to promote recovery, resiliency and wellness. Activities of the Office are conducted in collaboration with these partners and include the following:

  • Developing and enhancing a variety of statewide initiatives to increase adult, youth and family voice and participation at all levels.
  • Advocating for the development of environments that are supportive and welcoming to individuals, youth and families.
  • Working with individuals, youth and families to identify concerns and remove barriers to inclusion, and resolve issues impacting statewide behavioral health service delivery.
  • Establishing structure and mechanisms necessary to increase the youth, adult and family voice in areas of leadership and service delivery throughout Arizona.
  • Developing training, technical assistance and related instructional materials for persons served through the behavioral health system and their families in such areas as leadership and advocacy skills, program development, resource identification and coordination.
  • Ensuring parent and peer support programs (self-help initiatives) are available to all persons receiving services and their families through T/RBHAs in Arizona.
  • Establishing mechanisms, standards and activities to monitor contractor and T/RBHA compliance.

Furthermore, the Office, through its representation on the ADHS/DBHS Executive Team as well as the Senior Leadership Team, informs key leadership on relevant issues.

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