Division of Behavioral Health Services

House Bill 2003, Enacted 2003

House Bill 2003 provides $50 million of new monies from the tobacco litigation settlement to be spent on persons with serious mental illness, in particular those with Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV diagnosis of 295 (schizophrenia), 296 (major depressive disorder), 297 (delusional disorder), and 298 (other psychotic disorder).

The funds shall be expended on any of the following service areas: housing, recovery support services, vocational rehabilitation, and specialized assessment (extended evaluation). Each regional behavioral health authority proposal has distinct intervention strategies in implementing House Bill 2003. The Bill also authorizes the Arizona Department of Health Services to release $300,000 (from the $50M) to the Office of the Auditor General for the purpose of conducting a performance audit. Bureau staff conducted over 236 comprehensive medical record and client information system data validation studies at the regional behavioral health authorities for the House Bill 2003 legislative appropriations.