Division of Behavioral Health Services

State Mental Health Data Infrastructure Grant for Quality Improvement (DIG III)

Summary: The primary goal of this grant is to improve the existing capacity of mental health and substance abuse systems to support programs and services. There are four objectives linked to this goal: (1) improve the quality and integrity of data used for management/decision support, planning and service quality improvement; (2) ensure timely, consistent, and accurate recording of data; (3) increase access to data through web-based reporting; and (4) promote the use of data to make informed choices and decisions.

Upon completion of the grant, it is expected that the state will have the capacity to comply with the Uniform Reporting System that supports planning for the state Community Mental Health Services Block Grant, use web-based reporting to provide greater access to data and information, and adopt the use of common data and information technology standards to improve program management/decision support, planning, and service quality improvement at both state and local levels.

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