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Division of Behavioral Health Services


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Office of Human Rights (OHR)

The Office of Human Rights is established within ADHS and is responsible for the hiring, training, supervision, and coordination of human rights advocates. Human rights advocates assist and advocate on behalf of persons determined to have a serious mental illness in resolving appeals and grievances. Advocates coordinate and assist Human Rights Committees in performing their duties.

Older adult

A person who is age 55 or older.

Opiate Dependency

A cluster of cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms related to opiate usage. There is a pattern of repeated self-administration than can result in tolerance, withdrawal, and compulsive drug-taking behavior. (DSM-IV-TR)

Opiate Withdrawal

  1. Spontaneous Withdrawal: A physiological/psychological state resulting from a cessation of an opiate drug or a reduction in dosage ; and
  2. Precipitated Withdrawal: A physiological/psychological state resulting from administration of an opioid antagonist.


The immediate desired change in attitudes, values, behaviors, or conditions. Stated in the following format: "By a specified date, there will be a change (increase or decrease) in the target behavior, among the target population."

Outcome Measures

Information that allows measurement of behavioral health outcomes for Adults and Children. At a minimum, outcome measures for adults and children include the following:

  • For all clients, a complete Demographic Data Set must be completed and submitted at the start of the episode of care, upon any major change is status, at least once every 365 days, and at the end of the episode of care.
  • For children, the CASII field must also be submitted at least every 6 months.


Activities designed to inform persons in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner of behavioral health services availability and engage or refer those persons in need of services.

Out-of-Area Service

The provision of a behavioral health service to a person in a geographic area other than that of the person's home T/RBHA. Out-of-area service provision includes services provided to a person who is discharged from an inpatient or residential setting to a different T/RBHA's area, but who does not live in an independent living setting.

Out of network services

Services provided by providers that are not contracted with a Tribal or Regional Behavioral Health Authority (T/RBHA).


Top 5 to 10 percent of services utilized/members utilizing services.