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Behavioral Health System Performance Framework and Dashboard

Access to Services

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For Adults and Children Statewide

Do individuals and families have access to recovery and resiliency oriented services?
Individuals... Statewide Adult Statewide Child
Are satisfied with their access to services 86.2% 83.1%
Receive timely services 89.2% 89.6%
Live within 15 miles of an outpatient clinic 97.7% 97.6%

Performance is presented for:

  • FY2012 Annual MHSIP Consumer Survey for Adults and Youth receiving behavioral health services
  • Quarter 4 FY2013 Access to Care performance measure
    • Results for initial reporting of Q4 and restatement of Q2 and Q3FY13 are based on encounters available as of October 24, 2013
  • FY2012 Provider Network analysis Geomapping

See Summary page for historical trend charts.