Behavioral Health System Performance Framework and Dashboard


ADHS/DBHS divides the Performance Framework into four categories: Outcomes - Impact on Quality of Life, Access to Services, Service Delivery, and Coordination/Collaboration. Each category includes data from a variety of sources: demographic data provided by clients; individual and family survey data; analysis of claims data; audits of client records; and data reported by the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs). All data included in the Framework are validated by ADHS/DBHS. For a detailed description of the data sources and how the information is processed, see the Data Dictionary for each category.

The Dashboard organizes the data by these categories and presents the information in easy to read scorecard formats:

Scorecard Summaries

The following printer-friendly files provide the current scorecards of all of the categories, either statewide or broken out by Geographical Service Area (GSA) populations:

ADHS/DBHS welcomes any feedback (comments, suggestion, or technical questions) about how to improve the framework.