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Bureau of Quality & Integration

Evaluation: Quality Improvement

The DBHS quality assessment and improvement processes are based on our guiding principles and strategic goals. Multiple and various data collection and analysis mechanisms have been developed and implemented. Embedded in the mechanisms are 67+ performance indicators plus DBHS requirements taken from our contract language as well as policies and procedures.

The DBHS guiding principles are:

Person Centered System
People are treated with dignity and respect and it is acknowledged that each person has rights and individual strengths which are molded by differences in culture, values, perspectives, and goals. (8 measures)

Collaborative Partnerships
Clients and families as well as state agencies, general medical health providers and other public and private agencies are valued as active partners in the design, delivery and evaluation of behavioral health services. (5 measures)

Self Sufficiency
The continuum of behavioral health prevention and treatment services promotes progress toward the highest possible level of health and self-sufficiency. (15 measures)

Excellent Service
Services are accessible, timely, effective and in the least restrictive setting necessary to meet the behavioral health needs of the client. (23 measures)

System Improvement
Identification and resolution of problems and concerns in the service delivery system, as well as other proactive efforts toward improving client care and services are important priorities of ADHS and all service providers. (16 measures)

Monitoring the Service Delivery System
A key initiative during FY1999 has been to further strengthen and build capacity to oversee and regulate the state's service delivery system as delivered by and through the RBHAs. Information gained through multiple oversight and regulatory processes serves to inform DBHS management and promote data based decision making. DBHS employs the following mechanisms to collect and analyze data for decision support purposes: