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Bureau of Quality & Integration

Evaluation: Client Satisfaction Survey

Annually, the DBHS, jointly with the RBHAs, implements a client satisfaction survey. 1999 marks the baseline year for the DBHS use of the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Project's (MHSIP) Consumer Perception Survey. In prior years the DBHS used a home-grown instrument. Using the MHSIP Survey allows DBHS to benchmark methodologies for administration as well as results with many other states across the nation. The baseline performance for this new instrument is 72% satisfaction with the two highest values of a five point Likert scale collapsed to equal an overall satisfaction score. The Survey measures the client's perception in the domains of access to services, appropriateness of services, general satisfaction and outcome of services.

The MHSIP Survey has been used in many states primarily with the publicly funded adult client population, although some states, including Arizona, have administered the Survey to children and adolescents. ADHS/DBHS changed the methodology of the survey during FY 1999. Whereas ADHS/DBHS selected the sample and tabulated all results in prior years, this year the RBHAs played an active role by following ADHS/DBHS protocol to directly select the survey sample, distribute the survey, tabulate the survey data, and submit a RBHA report. ADHS/DBHS then aggregated the data and produced a statewide report. Because the instrument changed this year, comparison of results to prior years is not recommended. The FY 1999 results of the Survey are available both statewide and regionally.