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Division of Behavioral Health Services

Statewide Efficiency Committee

Memo from Dr. Nelson to Statewide Efficiency CommitteePDF – November 10, 2010


The Statewide Efficiency Committee will serve as a steering committee to examine the impact of administrative paperwork within the behavioral health system, assist with the establishment and design of efficiency committees at the RBHA level and also provide guidance to these RBHA Efficiency Committees regarding paperwork reduction and efficiency of processes.  The Committee will be a collaborative entity comprised of RBHA, Provider, Behavioral Health Recipient and DBHS representatives and other key stakeholders in the Behavioral Health community.


  • Claudia Sloan, Special Projects Administrator
  • Dara Stewart, Clinical Auditor, QM

Who is the Statewide Efficiency Committee?

The Statewide Efficiency Committee began as a result of the recommendations made in the original Statewide Paperwork Committee. The Committee consists of community service agencies, substance abuse and mental health providers, Tribal and Regional Behavioral Health Authorities, DBHS staff, and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System Administration (AHCCCS).

Paperwork Reduction Final Report 2008

Annual Report:  Paperwork Reduction and Efficiency Improvements in the Arizona Behavioral Health System

ADHS/DBHS Statewide Efficiency Committee has launched “WorkingSmarter”. This is an email newsletter which highlights efforts by ADHS/DBHS, T/RBHAs and providers, to promote a culture of efficiency in Arizona’s behavioral health system. Results from efficiency efforts impact those who work in the behavioral health system as well as recipients of our services. The publication also offers tips to make the work day a little “greener” with simple efficiencies which can be included in daily work habits.

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