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Division of Behavioral Health Services

Best Practice Advisory Committee

Dear BPAC Member:

Thank you for your dedicated efforts on the Arizona Department of Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health Services' (ADHS/DBHS) Best Practices Advisory Committee (BPAC). The committee's work over these past 3 years has been invaluable. As you know, ADHS/DBHS is committed to adopting and disseminating best and promising practices across Arizona, and your guidance and assistance in this endeavor has been extremely helpful.

As you are also aware, the state is experiencing a budget crisis of unprecedented proportions that will continue to affect ADHS/DBHS, the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities and providers in Fiscal Year 2010. One of the impacts to ADHS/DBHS has been a hiring freeze for over a year now, and we have had a staff vacancy rate of over 30% for several months. ADHS/DBHS has also been requiring mandatory staff furlough days. This situation has dramatically impacted our day to day demands and is forcing us to carefully evaluate mission critical functions and how we can work smarter and more efficiently. Part of this evaluation has included a review of the various committees, work groups, and meetings that are taking place.

Although this is a very difficult decision for ADHS/DBHS to make, we have decided to discontinue the BPAC at this time. Instead of an established advisory committee, ADHS/DBHS will use public surveys and ad-hoc work groups as needed to advise the department around specific topics such as best and promising practices. While we will miss the structure of the BPAC, we are confident we will still be able to obtain public input and recommendations. ADHS/DBHS hopes that you will consider working with us in the future in this capacity.

Again, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your service to the Arizona Behavioral Health System.


Laura K. Nelson, M.D.
Acting Deputy Director