Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System

Provider Toolkit

The Data & Quality Assurance section of the Bureau is responsible for collecting, analyzing and reporting on data obtained from designated trauma centers and those participating EMS agencies in an effort to enhance the EMS & Trauma System in Arizona.

EMS Performance Improvement Guide

The intention of this manual is to serve as a resource for individuals on the front lines striving to improve the care they provide to EMS patients at their time of greatest need. This guidance document was developed through a workgroup established at the Trauma and EMS Performance Improvement (TEPI) standing committee.

Prehospital Performance Improvement Tools

First responders and transporters have a significant influence on the outcome of a patient health. These tools have been developed by our Trauma and EMS Performance Improvement (TEPI) committee to improve the level of care that patients receive in the field. Our quality assurance reports are based upon these tools.

Operational Excellence

In the prehospital setting, the operational success of your Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agency can provide a financial foundation for training, equipment and quality personnel that may lead to significant positive outcomes for patients. With your participation, we seek to encourage the development of operational awareness and progression among Arizona EMS agencies, which could lead to sustainable EMS business practices in addition to improving patient outcomes.

Below you will find a data collection tool for this Operational Excellence project, which includes information on financial or operational aspects of your agency. Please complete this original form (DO NOT copy and paste into a new document) at the end of your reporting year and submit to Rogelio Martinez no later than June 30th or December 31st as appropriate based on your fiscal year. The information you provide is intended for use in the Data and Quality Assurance process ONLY. Identifiable fiscal and organizational measures will not be released without prior written agency approval.

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise indicated.