Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System

Certificate of Necessity (CON) Holders

To operate an ambulance service and ambulances in Arizona, an application must be filed with the Department of Health Services, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System, and a Certificate of Necessity (CON) granted by the Director. Listed below are links to descriptions of each CON Holder's boundaries and their response times.

Western Region Licensed Ground Ambulance Providers

Providers Ambulance Revenue & Cost Reports Certificates of Necessity Service Areas
Baker Emergency Medical Services, Inc. 2013 131 Map
Beaver Dam/Littlefield Fire District 2013 124 Map
Bullhead City Fire Dept. Ambulance Service 2014, 2013 39 Map
Colorado City Fire Department 2014, 2013 22 Map
Fort Mojave Mesa Fire Department 2014, 2013 82 Map 1, Map 2
Golden Shores Fire Dept. Ambulance Service 2013 40 Map
Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District 2013 99 Map
Mohave Valley Fire Dept. Ambulance Service 2013 38 Map
River Medical, Inc. 2013 94 Map
Rural/Metro Corporation (Yuma) 2013 65 Map
Somerton Fire Department 2013 79 Map
Tri-Valley Ambulance Service, Inc. 2013 35 Map
Yuma Fire Department 2014, 2013 133 Map

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise indicated.