Arizona State Hospital

Patient Rights

The Hospital wants patients to wear their own clothing and have personal items to make their stay more comfortable. However, the Hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items, so patients are encouraged to leave their expensive items at home, or in the Hospital vault. Certain items, however, are not allowed on the units because they may be considered harmful to patients.

More information is available on the contraband page.

Patient Rights

Patients maintain all their basic rights while at the Hospital. They have the right to...

  • take part in treatment decisions
  • protection from abuse and neglect
  • understand their treatment
  • know the full name and position of staff providing care and treatment
  • file a complaint, grievance and/or appeal

Religious Services

Religious services are available through our Chaplains. Arrangements can be made by calling (602) 220-6190.

Smoking Policy

Arizona State Hospital is completely Tobacco Free, for all patients, staff, contractors and visitors. Arizona State Hospital is committed to:

  1. advocate a healthy tobacco free environment;
  2. ensure a healthy, comfortable and safe environment for patients, visitors and staff;
  3. provide leadership, example and guidance in health promotion.

It is the policy of Arizona State Hospital to maintain a 100% tobacco free-environment for the preservation and protection of the health of our patients, visitors, and our staff, as such, smoking and use of other tobacco products are prohibited on Arizona State Hospital property.

Patient Responsibilities

Patients are responsible for ...

  • respecting the rights of other patients and staff
  • following reasonable rules of the Hospital
  • working with their Treatment Team in planning for treatment
  • learning to manage their illnesses and plan for discharge from the Hospital

There are advocates on each treatment unit to help the patient with their rights. A complete listing of patient rights, and the agencies that can help are posted on every unit.

The Office of Patient Rights Ombudsman can be reached at (602) 220-6012 or via e-mail.