Arizona State Hospital

Pastoral Care

Mission Statement

To contribute to the restoration and enhancement of the quality of life of patients through pastoral care in a context of healthy spirituality and religious practice.

Worship Services

Religious practices such as worship, prayer, singing, Scripture reading, and participation in the sacraments are vital to the well-being of our patients.
The Pastoral Care Department provides patients with sensitive and compassionate care to address their spiritual and religious needs. Patients are provided opportunities to participate in Sunday and weekday worship services, memorial services, prayer groups, and other religious activities.

Pastoral Visitation

Pastoral visitation helps bring a sense of normalcy to patients while affording them the experience of continuity with their core religious beliefs. Chaplain visits are vital, and they validate individuals through sensitive listening and responding, and through shared spiritual observances and practices.

Spiritual Needs Assessment

Chaplains meet with all newly admitted patients to assess their spiritual and religious needs. Each patient is encouraged to share his or her spiritual orientation, and to express his or her religious needs and preferences. Chaplains are often able to provide new patients with understanding, reassurance, and comfort as they share their fears, questions, and uncertainties about being in the hospital.

Memorial Services

Coming to terms with human mortality is a difficult challenge all must eventually face. If it should happen that a person dies while at Arizona State Hospital, Chaplain Services provides an appropriate memorial service to help both patients and staff find meaningful closure in their time of mourning and loss.

Pastoral Care Staff

Rev. Frank S. Croley, S.T.M., Ph.D., BCPC

Deacon James Cascio, M.P.S.