Arizona State Hospital

Arizona Community Protection and Treatment Center (ACPTC)

Special Programs

Special Needs and Educational Programming

Educational opportunities are provided to help residents attain their GED and to help lower functioning residents learn to read and to do math. These services are provided by certified teachers in a classroom setting and are provided in addition to the psychotherapy and psychosexual treatment they receive. Correspondence courses are also utilized by residents who are interested in continuing their education at the college level.

Rehabilitation and Recreations Programming

ACPTC offers a variety of recreational and rehabilitation activities that focus on healthy living. Each resident participates in an initial evaluation and assessment process. Completed as a didactic interview the resident’s input and interests are incorporated into their treatment and progress. This is to identify individual unique and specific needs. The results of this evaluation recommend placement in the programming process. Rehabilitation services include creative arts therapy, music therapy, physical exercise, and nutrition and diet concepts. Special classes are conducted to help residents understand how they can manage chronic diseases through health living practices.

Leisure Recreation Programming

Residents engage in leisure and recreation activities in an outdoor courtyard and various patio areas, as well as in indoor locations. Table tennis, cardiovascular conditioning and basketball are also available. Structured leisure and recreational activities include Karaoke, Bingo, and Game night, as well as special holiday functions. Arts and crafts, numerous board games and card games, as well as music and a literary library group, are available. Residents are also allowed to cultivate, manage and tend to garden plots containing vegetables and flowers.