Midwife Licensing Program


At this time, all midwives should access the Midwife Portal and register. Any reports submitted must be done through the new portal. The Survey Monkey link is inactive. Please call the Bureau of Special Licensing if you have any problems accessing or navigating the system.

Authorized by Arizona Revised Statutes 36-751-760 et seq. and Arizona Administrative Code R9-16-101 et seq., the Midwife Licensing Program licenses and regulates midwife services in Arizona.

What is a Midwife?

A midwife is a person who attends a woman in childbirth, but who is not a physician. Midwifery (being "with woman") focuses on providing care to normal childbearing women and their newborns.

In Arizona, there are two types of midwives who may legally assist a woman with childbirth: a certified nurse midwife and a licensed midwife. The midwifery model of care provides quality, personalized services to women seeking low-intervention pregnancy and birth services while still providing access to technical services through appropriate referral when the mother’s condition changes. The midwifery model of care is also cost effective, providing affordable services, decreasing the incidence of low birth weight, and reducing complications and the need for cesarean births.

How do I become a Licensed Midwife?