Licensed Midwifery Advisory Committee


The Licensed Midwifery Advisory Committee (LMAC) established pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code Title 9, Chapter 16, Article 1 §R9-16-117 is composed of the following individuals:

LMAC Committee members serve a three-year term at the discretion of the Director
Name Representing
Carol Denny Licensed Midwife
Francisco Garcia Physician – OB/GYN
Mary Henderson Licensed Midwife
Jenny Schultz Licensed Midwife
Paula Matthew Licensed Midwife
Elizabeth Morton Member of the Public
Jeanne Stagner Certified Nurse Midwife
Roy Teramoto Ex-Officio (MD-Pediatrics)
ADHS Representatives
Name Representing
Thomas Salow, JD ADHS Branch Chief – Non-medical Licensing
Carla Chee, MHS Bureau Chief - Special Licensing
Don Gibson, MPA Licensing Team Lead – Special Licensing
Pat Glass, RN Licensing Surveyor – Midwifery Licensing Unit

The LMAC scope of work includes the following activities:

  • Examine aggregate data from the required midwife reports
  • Examine any notifications received by the Department required in R9-16-104(B);
  • Examine evidence-based research pertaining to the practice of midwifery;
  • Development of an annual report upon review of data collected through the previous year (to begin in 2015 using the information collected from July 1, 2013 through July 1, 2014).

Licensed Midwifery Advisory Committee Meetings

Important Reports

Pursuant to HB2247, Laws 2012, § 1(B), the following reports are now posted for consideration by the Midwifery Scope of Practice Advisory Committee and other interested parties:

Scope of Practice Advisory Committee Historical Information

If you are interested in previous meeting reports, contact The Midwife Licensing Program for archived reports.

All of the Licensing of Midwifery draft rules, including the draft informed consent form and draft reporting form, are available for review on the Licensing of Midwifery Rules page.

Note: Agendas, minutes, presentations, and comments are provided in PDF files.