Bureau of Medical Facilities Licensing

Licensed Facilities Reporting Requirements

Besides the information required by the Division of Licensing, licensed medical facilities may have other reporting requirements for ADHS. Below you'll find links to those areas which collect data from licensed facilities, including contact information. If you have questions about those reports, please contact those programs.

Additionally, Arizona Revised Statute requires facilities to allow ADHS staff to review medical records upon request to gather additional information.

Hospital Discharge Data Reporting

All hospitals licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), regardless of size or license type, must report records on every Inpatient and Emergency Department visit to the Office of Public Health Statistics at ADHS. This reporting is performed electronically in an Arizona standardized format and is transferred to ADHS via a secure server.

Public Health Statistics

All state licensed Hospitals, Nursing Care Institutions, Hospice, Home Health and Outpatient Treatment agencies have state reporting requirements.

Hospitals, Nursing Care, Home Health and Outpatient Treatment must keep current rates and charges on file with the state.

Hospitals, Nursing Care, and Hospice Facilities also have financial reporting requirements to the state. More information regarding reporting requirements is accessible, just click on the facility type you are seeking information on.

Office of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma System

Hospitals that have voluntarily sought out trauma center designation are required by statute to submit specific data elements to the Arizona State Trauma Registry.

Hospitals that voluntarily seek recognition as a cardiac receiving facility contribute cardiovascular data to the SHARE registries.

Arizona Cancer Registry

All hospitals licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), with some exceptions (Special Hospitals), must submit cancer case reports on every admission (Inpatient, Outpatient, and Emergency) for a patient with a cancer, carcinoma in situ, or benign tumor of the central nervous system, including melanoma. Some reporting exclusions apply, i.e. basal skin cancer. Requirements for hospitals with a licensed capacity of fewer than 50 inpatient beds vary from those that have 50 or more inpatient beds. All licensed outpatient treatment centers, outpatient surgical centers, and outpatient radiation treatment centers that are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), must submit cancer case reports on patients not referred to a hospital for treatment. Information about reporting can be found within the ADHS site.

Birth Defects Registry

Data for the birth defects registry is generally obtained from the Hospital Discharge Data (HDD) reports. Each Arizona licensed hospital is also required to submit a Discharge Index (DI) Report monthly. The DI criteria are sent to reporting facilities.