Bureau of Child Care Licensing

CPS Registry Process for Non-DES-Contractors

CPS Registry Notification

According to A.R.S. § 8-804, "Beginning August 1, 2013, licensees that do not contract with the State and that employ persons who provide direct services to children pursuant to Title 36, Chapter 7.1 must submit to the Department of Economic Security ("DES") information necessary to conduct Central Registry background checks. The Department of Health Services shall verify whether licensees, pursuant to Title 36, Chapter 7.1, have complied with the requirements of this subsection and any rules adopted by the Department of Health Services to implement this subsection."

This law will apply to you if you are not contracted with DES to provide child care services for DES-enrolled families. (DES contractors are already required to comply with this registration check.)

What you will need to do:

Each non-DES contracted facility licensed with Arizona Department of Health Services will receive the CPS Central Registry Background Check Request form, with instructions & additional information from the Bureau of Child Care Licensing. Once completed and returned to the Department, it will be processed and you will be notified of the results.

If you are licensed with DHS to provide child care, but you DO NOT have a contract with DES, you must still ensure that all staff members have been checked against the CPS Registry for any substantiated finding that would disqualify them as child care workers.

If you have not yet received your packet, or if you need additional forms, you may download the forms below by clicking on the name of the form.

  • CPS Registry Request form – This form is used to provide to BCCL the required personal information for each staff member. All information will be considered confidential and will not be used or accessed by the public.
  • CPS Registry Affidavit – This form should be filled out by each employee and kept on file at the facility. It is considered a confidential form. The information can be used by employers to fill out the Request form.
  • CPS Registry Information Cover letter – This letter contains information regarding the CPS Registry process as it relates to BCCL licensees and their staff.

Note: Files listed above provided in PDF format.

For additional questions, please contact your local licensing office , or call 602-364-2539 and ask to speak with Sharon Marcellete, BCCL CPS Registry Coordinator. You may also print the CPS Registry FAQ sheet.