Bureau of Child Care Licensing

Provider Applications

NOTE: All first-time and fee applications require an Arizona Statement of Citizenship and Alien Status.PDF

General Information

These inquiry packets include general information about the licensing process for anyone interested in providing child care for 5 or more children either in a center-based program or in their own home.

Applying for a Child Care License or Certificate

In order to provide child care for 5 or more children in Arizona, you must apply for a license with the Department of Health Services. The packets below are based on the location and type of setting in which the child care will take place: a commercial building, a public school campus or a residential home. If your program will be located on a public school campus, providing care for children ages 3-14, please complete the Public School Building Information Form in the application packet. All other center applicants must complete the Child Care Center Physical Plant Evaluation.

The packets must be completed and turned in prior to an initial inspection. Once the Department determines that the applicant is in substantial compliance with regulatory requirements, the Department will issue an initial license.

Renewing a Child Care License or Certificate

Pursuant to SB1315, any facility currently licensed MUST submit the required licensure fee before the anniversary date of the existing license/certificate. The anniversary date is the first day of the month following the expiration date currently printed on the license/certificate. If you have any questions, please call your local licensing Bureau.

Modifying an Existing Child Care License or Certificate

It is the responsibility of the licensed child care provider to notify the Department and request approval for any intended changes to the structure, the program or the business entity of a licensed program. In most cases, approval from the Department must be obtained prior to implementation of the requested changes. Please call your local licensing office if you have questions.

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise indicated.